Purchasing waterproof zippers need to pay attention to what
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Waterproof zippers by type: waterproof nylon zipper, resin waterproof zippers, waterproof metal zipper, invisible waterproof zipper;
Waterproof zippers divided by the coating material: Imported PU waterproof zippers, TPU waterproof zipper, PVC waterproof zipper, color film waterproof zippers, waterproof zippers reflective film, silver and gold films waterproof zipper, waterproof zipper printing series;
Compared to ordinary zipper waterproof zippers, the waterproof zipper water repellent function relatively strong, relatively grade appearance, and can play a role in adhesion, of course, cost is relatively high, used for jacket, down jacket, climbing, mountaineering bags, tents outdoor supplies and other decorative effects on brand clothing. Zipper buyer purchasing waterproof zipper in the selection should pay attention to the following points:
A: The price of arrangement waterproof zipper material: imported PU waterproof zipper "TPU waterproof zipper" PVC waterproof zipper (high to low)
Second, with a clear waterproof zippers on the types of products and requirements: clothing, bags, tents and other needs washing, steam iron, etc. Japanese exports to Europe through environmental testing standards, high temperature, low temperature was needed to import PU and TPU waterproof zipper waterproof zipper;
Third, the high temperature of about 240 degrees, low temperature of minus 80 degrees around the need imported PU waterproof zippers, high temperature 180 degrees, low temperature of minus 50 degrees may be employed TPU waterproof zipper;
Four: If the request waterproof zipper pull back and forth 10000 test only imported PU waterproof zipper;
Five: If guests require only cheap and low cost can only use PVC waterproof zipper;
Six: If the request is used to tailor the choice of material without pressing need to try to know, because each product materials are different!
Seven: If a guest requires customized color waterproof zipper reaches the surface color uniform, no turbidity point can only use toner film waterproof zipper;
Eight: If the request fastener used in clothing and other dangerous traffic signs are required to choose reflective waterproof zippers;
Nine: If the request by product fabric pattern or LOGO printing is required, a waterproof zipper;

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