Clothing offer
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1. Fabrics price + price + accessories (special process) + wages + loss + packaging + transport = FOB
FOB + Insurance + Freight + declaration + + ... = CIF bank charges as well as taxes
2. The calculation of costs according to weight knitting
Woven calculated according to the number of meters
3. The most reasonable width is required
4. knit clothing materials formula
(1) Clothes
Materials = single crop area * weight per square meter
Fabric materials cost = unit price * Fabric

Great body material :( Bust + 6CM) X (length + 6CM) X 2X weight X (1+ total loss)
Material :( sleeves hanging shoulder + cuff + 4CM) X (Sleeve + 4CM) X 2 X weight X (1+ total loss)
Material :( collar collar width X2 + 2) X X 1 X collar high weight X (1+ total loss)
Per dozen large body garment materials = materials + materials + collar sleeve material
(2) Pants
(+ Rungs of leg + 4CM) X (long pants + 8CM) X 2 X weight X (1+ total loss)
NOTE: The following are for reference only
Rib: 18% jersey: mesh 15-16%: 15-16% 18-20% spandex jersey
Flannel: 17-18% dyed (large): 27-32% dyed (small): 22-25%
Fabric formula
Fabric price = price + yarn dyed woven Price + Price + Other (including printing, open vice stereotypes, Road after each step)
(In general, open vice stereotypes price: 2000 yuan / T)
A lack of experience on the nesting, accounting for a piece of clothing materials probably easiest to use conversion squares method, which is the most commonly used, it is for an ordinary T-shirt, as follows:
Predecessor = [(1/2 + 1/2 Bust Hem) / 2 + around the front waist seam] * (Length + long before the next seam) / fabric width
Back = [(1/2 + 1/2 Bust Hem) / 2 + or so after the garment seam] * (length + clothes after the vertical seam) / fabric width
Sleeve = [(+ sleeve fertilizer cuff) / 2 + sheets per sleeve seam around] * (+ sleeve seam and down) / fabric width
= Collar (collar collar length * width) / width
= Noodle Noodle Noodle width * length / width
Unlined material = (back + front waist two sleeves + two + two + two-story collar vermicelli) * 1.03 + loss
The general cotton material more than unlined, and to raise the remainder of the plate parts.
Top face: Bust ≤120CM --- Length + Sleeve + 10CM + 7CM (Normal collar)
Top folder: Length + 50CM
Pants: Hip ≤120CM --- + 10CM long pants
Pants: Hip> 120CM --- 3/2 long pants
Pants length = inner length + = foreign minister before the waves (Note even if the waist)
Top: Bust ≥120CM --- If there is no overlapping door, still shines Length + Sleeve + 10CM + 7CM
Top: Bust ≥120CM and have stacked gate --- Length 3 *
5. The rule of thumb is to you, to see that! ! Plus Shaoshao loss, such as 10%
6. Fabric Costing
1, the number of grams of yarn and knitted fabric weight what correspondence? For example, 144gsm cotton cloth shall count the number of yarn used?
2, the range of variation in the knitted fabric dyeing gram is about how much?
a yarn count currently spoken mostly means "English count", represented by the English word "S" which is defined as: In the moisture regain weight a pound of yarn, its length has several 840 code, called a few pieces of yarn. yarn thicker, S value is smaller, the finer the yarn, the "S" the greater the value. That yarn 40S / 1 than the 20S / 1 of finer Thus in the same kind of structure knitted fabric, the finer the yarn, its weight (g / m2), the more light as 32S / 1 plain weave cloth finished g lies between 135-145G / m2, and 20S / 1 gram of finished plain weave cloth lies 180-190G / M2.
Knitting cloth before after finishing, scouring, dye solution in combination with a series of chemical reactions, will Peng of moisture, so usually gain weight around 15-20G / M2. But it will vary with the choice of raw fiber, fabric configuration, dyeing process, dye characteristics such as a certain degree of float: carded yarn due to impurities, the same kind of yarn, combed yarn fabric than the branch of the finished product will be lighter; plain weave cloth rib cloth than the coil configuration. dense, gray cloth and dyed it grams weight difference is smaller than the rib cloth. yarn with the same kind of structure as well as cloth weaving density will be affected.
b according to theoretical calculations out of yarn / grammage specifications and in fact very different. the same batch of fabric production process is slightly different because stenter, weight will offset a lot. Of course, the price list from the factory See yarn, size, width, weight, generally know certain rules. anyway, the set of operator weight is not easy. Here are two examples of it.

Cotton: 40 x 40 + 40D 133 x 72 Width: 48/50 "
Provided: Yarn price of 33,000 yuan / ton
The first step: calculating the number of warp yarn: 133 x 50 (width) = 6650 (The total number of reviews)
40 into Deniel. 5310 (factor) / 40D = 133 Deniel
6650 x 133/9000 (factor) = 97.53 x 1.05 (loss)
Warp weight = 102g / m
Step two: calculating the weight of the weft
40s + 40D = 173 deniel x 72
= 12456 x (1.27 + 0.10m) / 9000 x 36
= 68.26 g / m
Cloth weight: 170 g / m

Chemical products: 50D X 75D / 203 X 89 66.9 "
203 X 66.9 = 13580./9000 = 1.5X50D X 1.03 = 77.71
75 X 89 X1.7 / 9000 X 36
= 45.39
= 123G / M
Suppose 50D 17 yuan / KG
Ingredients: 2 yuan weaving costs 1.3 yuan / m
Dyeing fee: 0.9 yuan / m.
X 4.2 yuan loss reduced by 14% = + 0.30 yuan 4.79 yuan calender
5.09 X 10% profit of 5.60 yuan / m. (Cost price)
If there is spandex, such as: 75D + 40D = 105D
Therefore, the most accurate way to weight: playing weight in grams heavy machine !!!!
Costing export
Exports total cost = G + Quota + A + F1 + (1 + F) x Ratel-V
Exports total cost = + + + + (1+) x -

The results show:

Wherein: G represents or outbound price ex-factory price of export goods, Quota for export quota price, A foreign trade companies export agency fees, F1 factory (warehouse) to the port or airport freight, Ratel is the foreign exchange rate, it was shipping premium or air, F is the ocean, air freight, V for export tax rebates.

Simulation calculation: Suppose a group of garment exports to the US, ex-factory price of 480,000 yuan, the export quota for a total price of US $ 1.8 million, foreign trade companies, agents rate of 2 percent, factory to the port of shipment transportation fee of 1,200 yuan RMB, shipping insurance is $ 118, $ 3,500 for the sea freight, export tax rebates amounted to 69743.59 yuan.

Solution: export total cost = G + Quota + F1 + (I + F) x Ratel + A-V
= 480000 + 18000x8.28 + 1200 + (118 + 3500) x8.28 + 13204-69743.59
= 603,657.41 (yuan)

# 1: Calculation of foreign trade companies, agency fees, based on the total contract price of the export contract (ie, G + Quota + F1 + (I + F) x Ratel) basis, multiplied by proxy rate derived.

# 2: Method of calculation of export tax rebate is: x export tax rebate rate = amount of sales tax refund (VAT invoice) = ex-factory price /(1+0.17)xV. State regulations different types of export tax rebate rate of goods, in this case the clothing tax rate of 17%.

Note: Only the estimates)
Warp density × 36 × knitting yarn shrinkage ÷ ÷ 840 × 16 = A
Weft density × 36 × transverse shrinkage ÷ yarn ÷ 840 × 16 = B
Square weight = (A + B) ÷ 3 Li :128 × 36 × 1.2 ÷ 20 ÷ 840 × 16 = 5.2oz
60 × 36 × 1.05 ÷ 16 ÷ 840 × 16 = 2.45oz
(5.2 + 2.45) ÷ 3≈2.55g
Polyester fabrics, polyester line density can be transformed according to the formula to count cotton, for example; 300d
5247 ÷ 300 = 17.49s (5247 constant)
Polyester fabrics, polyester line density can be transformed according to the formula to count cotton, for example; 300D
5315 ÷ 300 = 17.49s (5315 constant)
Equation (Note: Only for the estimates)
Warp weight = (5315/20) * [(128 * 100 / 2.54) / 9000] = 148.8g = A
Zonal weight = (5315/16) * [(60 * 100 / 2.54) / 9000] = 87.2g = B
Square weight = (A + B) Example: square Weight = 236g = 236 / 28.35 = 8.32oz
Simplified (inch warp density / inch yarn) * 23.25 = A
(Inch weft density / inch yarn) * 23.25 = B

------ How to clothing offer for your reference ~!

How to knit nuclear price Order

First, the price structure
1. material costs
2. The cost of dressing
3. The cost of wages
4. Other
5. profits = (1 + 2 + 3 + 4) * 15% --20% range

Single price = (fabric + dressing + wages + other) * (1 + profits)
Where profits can be adjusted according to the factory to do at the range from 15% to 20%

Second, the fabric
Fabric Knowledge: composition, Ji organization, letter weight, robbery width, cut off the feet yarn, Feng pin number.
1. Material: Cotton, polyester Diao, Phoenix, net acrylic, Ling nylon (nylon), Zhong modal, Si wool, silk Li, Qu spandex, various blends Min, Ji cutting class
2. Organization: jersey, Yin mesh, cotton Gan early terry, velvet columns, Ling Luo Wen, sub waffle etc;
3. Width:
4. Weight: weight per square meter
5. materials = single crop area * weight per square meter

Fabric materials cost = unit price * Fabric

Third, the use of materials calculation
1. weighing method
2. The calculation of area
And is closely related to fabric width and style: 3. The actual discharge method

Weighing method Example:
1. POLO BASIC: weight 246G, Ming materials is estimated at 246G * 1.3 = 320G / piece
2. FLEECE MUMBAY: weighing 476G, Ping materials is estimated at 620G (including rib, Ling Huafu grid) / piece

Area calculation example:
Mesh: Bust length 56.5CM * 78CM * 2 = 0.88M2; Zhuang sleeve Sleeve 52CM * 25CM * 2 = 0.26M2
0.88 + 0.26 = 1.14M2 * 1.1 (loss) * 0.22 (grams) = 0.275KG
Knitting machine: Neck 45CM * 9CM = 0.041M2; cuff 40CM * 3.5CM * 2 = 0.028M2
0.028 + 0.041 = 0.069M2 * 0.8 = 55G
Flannel: Chest 53-9 (side seam pieces) * length 55CM * 2 = 0.48m2
Zhuang sleeve Sleeve 40CM * 66CM * 2 = 0.53M2
Wide cap cap long 37CM * 26CM * 2 = 0.2M2
Pocket 30CM * 20CM = 0.06M2
0.48 + 0.53 + 0.06 + 0.2 = 1.27 * 1.08 (weaving dyeing loss) * 0.32 = 0.440KG
Rib: cuff 0.2 * 0.2 * 2 = 0.08M2; Hem 0.5 * 0.14 * 2 = 0.14M2; side seams 0.3580.09 * 4 = 0.126
0.08 + 0.14 + 0.126 = 0.346 * 0.3 * 1.1 (loss) = 0.115KG
Waffle: cap cap wide long 37CM * 26CM * 2 = 0.2M2 * 0.26 = 52G * 1.1 = 60G.

Examples actual discharge method:
A. determined according to fabric width Bust: Bust is 56.5CM, planning can consider two Width: 56.5 * 3 + 8CM = 178CM or 56.5 * 4 + 8CM = 234CM; combined with a round barrel diameter and the number of machine section, Select delete width is 178CM
B. In a width of the discharge conditions: the front (rear panel) 3, who can also drain sleeve 3
C. The materials used for clothes 1.78CM * (length 78CM / 1.5 + Sleeve 25CM / 1.5) * 0.22 = 268G

A. determined based on chest and sleeve fabric Zhuang Width: Bust 53CM- side fight 9CM = 44CM
Zhuang sleeve 40CM, click OK width 150CM
B. Calculation big body material: a width: Bust 44CM, Cui a width row 3; Zhuang sleeve 40CM, Gan sleeve
. 30CM arm can row four sleeves; hat can row five; pockets row 4;
Length 53CM / 1.5 + Sleeve 67CM / 2 + cap high 37CM / 2.5 + pocket 20CM / 4 = 1.329
Ingredients: 1.329 * 0.32 = 0.425KG
C. Rib: a width 110CM Width: Hem Width 47CM, cold high 8CM, sub-side fight 9CM wide, with high
40CM; Cuff width 22CM, Zheng high 10CM;
Materials = 1.10 * (8CM + 40 / (10/4) +10/2) * 0.35 = 90G * 1.1 (loss) = 99G

IV Examples
Example 1 OLO BASIC
Fabric Description: cotton mesh, Xi 220G / M2, delete garment washed

Materials: materials used for 0.27KG * Price ¥ 42 / KG = 11.3 Yuan
Knitting Machine: 55G * 38 / KG = 2.1 + 0.6 = 2.70 Weaving
Button: 0.2
People with the words: 0.2
Velveteen ribbon: 0.5
Embroidery: 0.3
Main standard: 0.35
Main standard patch: 0.1
Washing: 0.2
Tag: 0.15
Plastic bags: 0.2
Carton: 0.2
Seams: 0.3
Freight: 0.2
Sewing workers: 3
Wash: 0.5
Subtotal: 20.4
20.4 * 0.15 = 3.10
Total: 23.5

Fabric Description: 60 / 40CVC velvet, recessed 320G / M2, Xi garment washed

Materials: materials used for 0.44KG * Price ¥ 38 / KG = 16.7 Yuan
Rib: 115G * 40 / KG = 4.60
Waffle: 60G * 40 / KG = 2.40
Eyelet: 0.4
Hat rope: 0.5
Embroidery: 2
Main standard: 0.6
Washing: 0.2
Tag: 0.15
Plastic bags: 0.3
Carton: 0.3
Seams: 0.3
Freight: 0.3
Sewing workers: 5
Washing: 1
Subtotal: 34.70
Profits: 34.70 * 0.15 = 5.2
Total: 39.9

V. Summary
Quotation process can be very simple, cut off the feet but to be skilled, condensate bottom of my heart, the column still requires the accumulation of normal and study. Sentenced to accessories, Mu fabrics, Ai Indian embroidery, Cun and various post-processing (including washing, robbery packaging, etc.), and so link needs a good grasp and understanding. Then delete familiar with these prices, Min understand the market. Kariya accumulated only good can be done only when the quotation knew it. Withered Of course, practice is the best way to cut off the feet. Qu miss every order hand, the various elements of the price chilly each order to thoroughly understand, make a glaze style, zoned understand price level the same style, just do replicability in practice, Rin constant practice the perfect themselves. Only in this way can it be said blade has made a good start. Han
How garment processing quote
Generally speaking garment processing is for OEM production, processing, sample processing, FOB business. Now directly discuss the details of the offer process, and cost the company not repeat them.
Clothing offer is a business unit of the important work relating to the profit prospects of the entire company, the company is also a window to the outside world, the work of the Department directly affect the company's success or failure. Therefore, the offer although only a small part of the process, but it played a significant role.
First, the principle of offer
The principle is the pursuit of the highest offer, it is to profit. But too high will lose customers, lose money too, in conjunction with the specified market price.
Second, offer preparation before
Will offer not born salesman, slowly explore on our own. Usually pay more attention to the accumulation of knowledge. As garment processing, it is necessary to know for how long a piece of clothing? How many lines? Embroidery how much money? How much water? Carton How much? Volume count how?
General Conditions of sales knowledge as follows:
Fabric type, width, price, weight, fabric and other manufacturers;
Valuation methods embroidery, embroidery takes time, embroidery factory;
Water type, water prices, water velocity, water plants, etc.;
Accessories Category, specifications, price, accessories and other manufacturers;
Sewing thread specifications, classification, consumption, prices, factory line, delivery speed;
Carton size, volume calculations, print marks, price, delivery speed;
Plastic components, price, availability, speed, and other manufacturers;
Near the port, the distance from the port, sailing, arrival port, arrival time;
Shipping companies, commodity inspection fees, customs clearance time charges, freight.
Just generally a list, did not talk about in front of, behind continue to explore!
Third, the information reported before
Customers samples, do not rush to offer. Case only to online customers that we also have a detailed picture of customers with comprehensive communication and understanding, this order information.
Quantity, delivery and when and how the process, with or without embroidery, with or without water, what with the packaging, the number of units pieces, fabrics and so on; but also consider their ability to meet customer requirements. For example: certain orders to be washed, no local washing plant, to the field that is bound to increase the cost of water, will extend the delivery time. These must be taken into account.
Based on the above information, an idea, we can offer a.
Fourth, offer
Speaking in front of a company is the price of cost plus profit. However, according to customer requirements, if containing material prices, some containing materials prices, according to the consumption calculation unit cost on it.
General clerk must first have their own kind of a basic, basic kind of clothes is a common sample in advance considered a good fabric, accessories, transport and packaging costs profit after quote on the basis of an inferior race, trouble on the fare increase process, simple on slightly lower, on a large number of low, a small amount is high. And so let themselves always know, what price the company a profit. More suitable for fledgling salesman.
The following specific methods to explore again! ! !
Manufacturers do you offer procedure is how? Your work experience realistic!

Manufacturers do you offer procedure is how?
Now the network has "real" buyers, there are "false" buyer, took online billed for it, and some friends to send you pictures, feel free to say what is or what type of pants, called factory the first offer to him first.
As we will ask customers before the offer to process the number of single-single paragraph, there are several colors, which are several sizes, such as not to give the other board would be able to tell us what is the use of fabric (cloth with nowhere because of cost of the product is very relevant), as well as washing way, shipments to where best to attach the size of the table and the system alone, because if so, then do FOB, these areas have a direct relationship with a great offer, because now the network is relatively developed, I also know that many just want to understand the network of the plant processing the price, but because the service and quality of the plant is not the same, but talk more with network clients, ask questions, so that one can distinguish "true", "false" customers, just middlemen so as to facilitate their better real customer service, but customers say the more detailed the more convenient if manufacturers reported a reasonable price. reach both sides win.

Now and then on how to prevent cheating network billed as follows Description:
The world is not so much pie can swap!
1. The outward processing there? (Have!!!)
2. Under what circumstances? (When a late production enterprise, will find similar products to do near a small workshop to help complete the production orders, please note, is "near" because now the market is very competitive, product margins have been very few people outside the issue, it points to a portion of the profits, so businesses will not outgoing through an intermediary, because the agency to charge a fee, not quote rates high fees, not looking away from the process, because none of the above principles in line with cost reduction !!!)

So for outward processing is:
Those claiming to be all the XXX company is a liar, even if there is an outgoing factory will live on your own people do not call the agency mix!

Those who write on advertising fees are all liars, written on advertising fees are high, the plant does not comply with the principle of cost, the plant does not conform to the principles of counter-offer lower prices.

Shanghai who said he could get in order to introduce to you all of the company's Northeast is a liar, but also because the cost of freight, the factory will be looking to find the same village, the same town, the same does not exceed the maximum of a county!

Those claiming to give you six months to a year to complete all the orders is a liar, because the only case when a company will be unable to complete orders outward processing, this is not the way, time is very urgent, will not give you a lot time, so that it is impossible to find people from working because, as transport is too time-consuming, but also may be outside the processing unit of the fitting cheated! ! !

Those who want to charge you this fee, that fee is a liar, because outgoing factories rush timely shipment, focus, and you're talking about delivery time and price processing, as well as quality, not likely to care about the thousands of pieces What What does it cost, those are made out liar cheat you, there is no such a thing, this society will have almost less outward processing, because when a plant is to outward processing, the first consideration is how he scale (that is, recruitment), when it will be looking to recruit the people working, usually looking for relatives, friends, it is not with friends, it is impossible for you to do)
If it is knit exports, the average offer is around 115% of the cost, but the amount depends on the size of the general amount of tabloid highs around 120%, 110% of the amount it, this is not necessarily, and depends on your own!

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