2016-08-18 12:05:04
Waterproof zippers by type: waterproof nylon zipper, resin waterproof zippers, waterproof metal zipper, invisible waterproof zipper; Waterproof zippers divided by the coating material: Imported PU waterproof zippers, TPU waterproof zipper, PVC waterproof zipper, color film waterproof zippers, waterproof zippers reflective film, silver and gold films waterproof zipper, waterproof zipper printing series; Compared to ordinary zipper waterproof zippers, the waterproof zipper water repellent function relatively strong, relatively grade appearance, and can play a role in adhesion, of course, cost is relatively high, used for jacket, down jacket, climbing, mountaineering bags, tents outdoor supplies and other decorative effects on brand clothing.

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